The Bikini is still the most popular item in Swimwear World. The Last you see so many variants in styles coming up, that it’s even hard to know what’s exactly the latest trend.

Well, here we will show you 7 popular bikini trends for SUMMER 2021, so be sure you’ll have the right bikini trend this season.

1. Zebra Print Bikini

Animal Print Bikinis are an icon among swimwear and also for the summer of 2021 the animal print bikinis are scoring hits ladies.
But yes, if we start talking about animal print bikinis, than we still don’t know which one is the best come-back.
Well, if you will be walking across the beach this summer in a Zebra Print Bikini, you’ll be very trendy.
Wear a Zebra Print bikini of soft colors, but where the contrast of colors is even more visible in a restful way.

2. Jaguar Print Bikini

Do not swap the Jaguar Print Bikini with the Leopard bikini, cause this print was very popular last summer, because of the bright colors.

The difference is mainly the fact that the Jaguar Print Bikini has more soft earth tones and exudes more Peace.

The Summer of 2021 is probably promising us a lot more restful moments that we can go back relaxing on the beaches or by the swimming pools.

3. High Waisted Bikini

High Waisted Bikinis are extremely Popular on all beaches worldwide, from Spain to Morocco, to Across the Atlantic.

Be Careful, cause this is a trend that doesn’t suit every woman. Just because it’s a bikini trend for summer 2021, you don’t always have to follow it.

Wearing a High Waisted Bikini will quickly put your curves in the picture, as the full attention goes to the Bikini Bottoms when wearing a High Waisted Bikini.

4. Black Bikini

Black is a Trend! Black is a Style! Black is a Look! Black is hotter than hot for 2021!

This season, the options for buying a black bikini are even more than ever.

5. Mix & Match Bikini

Pastel Bikinis, just like Lilac Bikinis, Mint green bikinis, Pastel orange bikinis, Light pink bikinis and light blue bikinis. You’ll see them in all kind of shapes on the pearly white beaches under the blue clear sky in the summer of 2021.

The idea of the Mix & match of a perfect bikini top with a perfect bikini bottom is allready years in on the go… Do you want to emphasize the breast? Than, choose for a pattern bikini top with a plane bikini bottom.

Also the bikini bottom makes the difference in your choice, cuase that’s really depending on your type of body. One this is definitely for sure, how bigger your bikini bottom, how bigger your shape will look. Have you got for example shorter legs compared to your body?

6. Tie-Dye Bikini

The Tie-Dye bikini made a hit in Swimwear World. It’s a come back from the 90′s.

Last summer we’ve seen allready many tie-dye bikinis along the beaches all over the world.

By the summer of 2021, you’ll finally see the great luxury tie-dye bikinis, One Shoulder tie-dye bikinis, Halter tie-dye bikinis aswel as triangle tie-dye bikinis with pearls.

All shapes of tie-dye bikini bottoms, such as tie-dye string bikini bottoms, tie-dye High Waisted bikini bottoms, tie-dye halter tie side bikinis and so much more.

Trend colors for the tie-dye bikini will mainly be the Ice Blue color in combination with white, but also Pastel pink Tie-Dye bikinis or the Lilac Tie-Dye bikinis will take over the trend this season.


7. Puff sleeve Halter Bikini

They are so Cute and Comfi, these halter bikini tops with puff Sleeves.

But what makes this trend so special, is that they are just perfect for bigger breasts. Finally a fantastic trend for these trendy women with a bigger breast.

Post time: Apr-11-2021